Spiritual Warriors

Creating a Path to Being the Change You Wish to See.

What’s The Alternative?

I believe you are inherently strong and basically healthy. Although I personally have a behavioral code of conduct for my own life, the Yokibics Process of Mentoring is principle centered rather than opinion driven. I am able assist you as a translator, a facilitator and a clarifier of what YOU have to say to yourself […] Read more »

Know Your Spiritual Warrior Language

What could be more significant and more globally supportive to our future than to create a step by step system of support for sacred vision with clear mind, independent will, open heart, self-referral, inter-dependent relationship with life, and a health-sustaining belief system. We can then commit to creating our lives according to the truth of […] Read more »

Spiritual Warrior Connections

  Each of us is born with a set of unique gifts and talents that fit unerringly into the fabric of what is wanted and needed for the evolution of humanity. We spend time getting to recognize these gifts and even more time jumping over the hurdles in the way of their full expression. Finally […] Read more »