The Monkey

The Monkey Blog offers an investigation into the possibility that each and every one of you holds the power to tip the planetary scale in the direction of good by sharing the good you see with each other. Could the ultimate "HUNDREDTH MONKEY" - the final scale tipper - be YOU?? Pay it forward, support the good in others, and share the good news!

Blue Gold – The Future of Water

In Our lifetime

A most important documentary – a must see for all Hundredth Monkeys who change the world one person at a  time.  What can we do about our global water crisis?   Watch the film – share – be aware – make your choices carefully.   Oh – and donate when and where you can. Time, […] Read more »

Reverse the Flow

The Hundredth Monkey creates change by seeing what needs be done and doing the impossible – one small step at a time.  We shift paradigms.  We open hearts and minds.  We stand in the place of being the change we wish to see.  Will others see it too?  I believe so…eventually. This post asks you […] Read more »

The Intention Experiment starting 9/11

Here is some true Monkey Business – a global intention experiment that needs some action on your part – from home or work – using meditative time each day. Said to be the biggest global intention experiment toward world peace ever attempted. See what it’s all about HERE One mind – one heart Check it […] Read more »

Story Tellers for Good

I found this awesome website through my connection to Wiser Earth where I am a member of The Social Network for Sustainability. Wiser Earth is a global community organization and I highly promote their education, action and community. Story Tellers for Good is a team of passionate journalists and photographers who seek to use their […] Read more »

Hundredth Monkey Controversies

I did a recent search on “The Hundredth Monkey” to see what good things others folks are sharing.  I found all sorts of uses for the name such as a blog on lifestyle change called The Savvy Vegetarian and an art studio in Portland Oregon “Where creativity is contagious.”  Wonderful! I also found more controversy […] Read more »

Blessed Earth Day

Today is officially Earth Day and a wonderful mindful celebration across the globe the we are called to be respectful of our home and protective of our assets for ourselves and for generations to come. Here’s a link to a website dedicated to sharing options and education and good exciting stuff you can get […] Read more »

Healing the Waters of Japan

Do you know the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto? You can find out more about his research and view some amazing pictures on his website Welcome to the World of Water. Through his research into the nature of water and crystals, he has photographs documenting the difference between  a “thank you” water crystal and one […] Read more »