Eat! #11 Ingredients Galore

Today I’ve been chatting about conscious eating with a wonderful teacher and soul brother Ben Briggs, senior pharmacist and owner of Lionville Natural Pharmacy and Health Food Store, a family owned and operated business providing professional pharmaceutical care to the Chester County PA community since 1979.
I’ve wondered what was different about Lionville Pharmacy since I moved into the area.  Everyone seems to know about it – and it’s reputation as the “go-to” holistic place intrigued me.

You can tell right away that something is different here. First of all, Lionville is a compounding pharmacy.

Compounding combines an ageless art with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, allowing specially trained professionals to prepare customized medications to meet each patient’s specific needs.
Second it’s a health food store.  Reminded me of Rising Tide, another of the originals started in NY back in the 70’s carrying aisles of goods that represent food as healing.

Third it’s a holistic health and healing arts center with practitioners of all sorts available to help guide you through your choices.
Ben spoke with me about the positive effects of families eating together, without the TV, in harmony with their meal and their digestion and what a positive effect that carries.

It got me thinking about the way we are naturally wired to know what our body needs when we really tune in and listen.  People ask me about calorie counting, adding or deleting specific foods from their diet, or “watching their weight” and I say “watch your relationship with nourishment and let it inform you what you need.”  Your body wants to be in balance.  Your body wants health.  Your body wants energy in and energy expressed.  
Conscious eating means pay more attention to what’s right in front of you. 
Some guidelines that seem simple but remain frequently disregarded:
Know when you are thirsty and DO take a drink!  Water is preferred.  This one choice can influence you in many positive ways. If you do not drink enough water or other fluids, you might experience signs of dehydration. You may feel lightheaded, dizzy or nauseated. If you do not drink any fluid to correct this situation, your body temperature will begin to rise, which can lead to heat stroke. 
According to the National Academy of Sciences in their recommendations for total water, the amount of fluid we need from beverages daily is 9 cups for females and 13 cups for males over the age of 19. That’s right – DAILY!

Other things you can do:
  • DO recognize what hunger feels like. Eat when you are hungry.
  • DO eat little bits at regular intervals.
  • DO recognize when you are full. Stop.
  • DO respond to the need for salty, sweet, or pungant foods and choose healthy options.
  • DO love every bite.
  • DO appreciate and validate healthy choices.
  • DO respond to your body clock rather than the time clock.
Sage advise for the day:
Listen to what your body needs.

Today’s recipe? Let’s hear from you. What’s on your plate?!

Bon appetit!

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