Eat! #2 Dumplings

Next up in our series on Conscious Eating – quick and easy Dumplings.  Good and good for you!  Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love fat juicy dumplings stuffed with all sorts of goodies? My Japanese friend Felly used to make them – from scratch. That was awesome.

Me? I go to the supermarket and stock up from the frozen section for a fraction of the cost of my restaurant favorites.  Shrimp, chicken, pork or veggie filled are common varieties.

My intention with this series is to highlight healthy, diverse, make at home meals..staying with and keeping our connection with real food.

Here’s the part that makes it all worthwhile: 15 minutes for the whole meal. No kidding. Here’s the deal…

Main Meal

  1. Use a large saucepan. Cut up a head of broccoli, place it in about 2 inches of salted water and cover till boiling.  Lower heat and add a can of water chestnuts and a bag of frozen dumplings right over the top.  Close the lid and steam about 5 more minutes tops. Drain and plate.
  2. Meanwhile put up some jasmine or basmati rice cooked according to directions.
  3. Make a dipping sauce: combine 2T soy sauce, 2T water, splash of rice vinegar, pinch of sugar and a few drops of seseme oil.  
  4. Serve with fresh chopped green lettuce and tomato salad, fresh lemon and EVOO.


Top dumplings with sesame seeds, scallions and/or strips of toasted nori seaweed.  (I used all three.)  Add ground pecans, walnuts or almonds to the salad.


Treat yourself to some ginger water – great for digestion and tastes delicious!  Just use a piece of fresh ginger root in a pitcher of cool water.  Either grate it and drink up – or strain if desired – or better yet freeze the ginger root in chunks.  When you take it out of the freezer it will defrost into a softer version of its former self and you can squeeze the juice right into your water.

Sage advise of the day

The investment you make in condiments that delight your tastebuds will repay itself many times over.  Sesame oil is one of those things. Use sparingly.

Bon appetit!

What’s on your plate??


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