Eat! #6 On the Road

I’ve been on the road this week and I’m focusing on just a few conscious eating tips.

The first is water, water, water.

After that, remember to eat regularly. Don’t wait for the big restaurant date. Overeating and ordering due to hunger rather than nourishment will ruin your healthy intentions.

Buy nuts, fruit, hummus, yogurt, rice crackers and tea and keep it on hand for between meals.

Add more veggies to your meals…same intention as at home.

Keep active – get out and on your feet.

Best advise? Use the “lucky space” whenever and wherever you can! What’s lucky? Park FAR from your destination and walk. It’s just a shift in consciosness but it has lifetime benefits for a more fit mindset. You can also get off a train or bus one stop early, and always use the stairs.

Keep your trip on track for healthy eating and even more physical activity than usual and you will come home truly refreshed.

Bon appetit!
What’s on your plate?


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