Eat! #8 Orange Smoothie

In a hurry? No breakfast again?? Feel a deli stop coming on??

How can you bring it home when life is in a hurry and you need to get out the door?

Many of us rely on oatmeal or natural cold cereals for breakfast – both good choices I believe from the standpoint of health, and definitely in alignment with knowing what’s on your plate.  This is one of the missions of the Eat! series.  The further we are from the source of our food, the easier it is for fats, preservatives and foreign ingredients to make their way into that tasty treat you’re eating without even seeing it coming.

My topic today is your first meal of the day (after latte of course – see previous post 😉 and my own comes out of a blender most days.

Main Meal

Fruit Smoothie with Super Greens

You’ll need a regular blender – nothing fancy or uber-powerful is required.

one cup or so of orange juice
one banana – I like mine frozen 🙂 
one scoop of your favorite greens mix
scoop of flax seed
additional fruit of choice

Blend till smooth and you like the texture.  Modulate with more or less of the fluid or ice.

Voila! Yummy healthy jump start to your day.


Fruits that go well with this banana – orange blend include berries (fresh or frozen) mango and pineapple.

Use a different juice altogether and invent what goes with it.

Some people add protein powder to shakes…others like to add yogurt.

Feel free to play with healthy alternatives, and with one press of the blender button you’ve got a great start to the day.

Sage tips:

Frozen bananas are great to have around.  You can eat them right out of the freezer – tastes like a frozen ice cream treat – and they are always ready to toss into your smoothie.

As for the greens, I like MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens.  In general, you don’t need a blender to enjoy them, but I like the whole effect of my recipe. The greens taste delish all by themselves and I know the fantastic formulator Sylvia Ortiz.  I vouch for her integrity and awesome mission to help heal the American diet. Try them out – you won’t be sorry!

Bon appetit!
What’s on your plate?

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