Eat! #9 Buzz Juice

“If I’m trying to eat more consciously and want to add more of the good stuff into my daily bread, do I have to consume the entire produce aisle?”
Good question!
Just in time – after my own recipe in our last post for a green breakfast smoothie, I received an email  from my friends at MacroLife Naturals with more good ideas for simple pick me ups that pack a one-two punch and deliver the goods.  You can check their website for more info on the products.
Greetings Goddess Sister;
Love your blog- thank you greatly!
Here’s my newest  favorite….I call it buzz juice.  You can do with Greens or REDS but I like best with my macro greens.  

Buzz Juice

1 Scoop of Macro Greens® 
1000 mg Vitamin C powder             
1000 IU’s liquid vitamin D-3           
(Capful of ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar)
Dash of stevia, or a little organic maple syrup
Fresh lemon juice
4-6 ounces of water or fresh juice
WHEN I’m in a rush I just add the Capful of ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar–  Very alkalizing.

 Reds Tea

Also on those days, when you just need something smoothing and comforting make up a hot cup of Miracle REDS®  Soothing Tea

8-oz Boiling Water add,

1-2 Cinnamon Stick cover and steep for 5 minutes. 

Once cooled to warm add 1 Scoop Miracle Reds®     
Enjoy the calm.  Sylvia Ortiz, founder

 Sage advise for the day

Whenever you create a new intention for greater health, and commit to acting on it in some way, you set a whole series of energetic responses in play.  Your choices need not be big ones as much as they need to be heartfelt ones, with clear intention for health, nourishment and enlivening.  In this way each small step activates the whole intention. You will be amazed at how far that intention will take you.

Bon appetit!

What’s on your plate?

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