Blue Gold – The Future of Water

In Our lifetime

A most important documentary – a must see for all Hundredth Monkeys who change the world one person at a  time.  What can we do about our global water crisis?   Watch the film – share – be aware – make your choices carefully.   Oh – and donate when and where you can. Time, […] Read more »

Eat! #11 Ingredients Galore

Today I’ve been chatting about conscious eating with a wonderful teacher and soul brother Ben Briggs, senior pharmacist and owner of Lionville Natural Pharmacy and Health Food Store, a family owned and operated business providing professional pharmaceutical care to the Chester County PA community since 1979. I’ve wondered what was different about Lionville Pharmacy since […] Read more »

Eat! #10 Yogini Style

What’s up in our series on Conscious Eating: simplicity! As a yogi who teaches all eight limbs of yoga, again and again I encourage folks to take your yoga practice (“yoking the powers of body mind and spirit”) off the mat and into your life in deliberate and meaningful ways.  Conscious Eating is a perfect […] Read more »

Eat! #6 On the Road

I’ve been on the road this week and I’m focusing on just a few conscious eating tips. The first is water, water, water. After that, remember to eat regularly. Don’t wait for the big restaurant date. Overeating and ordering due to hunger rather than nourishment will ruin your healthy intentions. Buy nuts, fruit, hummus, yogurt, […] Read more »

Eat! #4 Marney Soup

In time for Mothers Day.  May happiness be in the heart of Earth Mothers everywhere.  May we nourish and be nourished through our offerings. This week my friend and colleague Chef Marney White offered one of her healthy (and awesomely easy) recipes for Mystic blog readers to enjoy, and I scooped it up! This is […] Read more »

Eat! #3 Tomatoes

This is the third in our Conscious Eating Series for the month of May, the time when Moms delight in the prerogatives of Mother’s Day, and families get the nudge (or kick in the butt as the case may be!) to create opportunities to appreciate each other and home values.  For me this includes more […] Read more »