The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude to Louie Schwartzberg, award-winning cinematographer, director, and producer for giving us this gift.  What a beautiful testimony. If you feel sad, down, uninspired, unsure – then take a few minutes for this remarkable visual and auditory expression of life.  You are guaranteed to feel better instantly.   Some additional advise on the benefits of […] Read more »

Blue Gold – The Future of Water

In Our lifetime

A most important documentary – a must see for all Hundredth Monkeys who change the world one person at a  time.  What can we do about our global water crisis?   Watch the film – share – be aware – make your choices carefully.   Oh – and donate when and where you can. Time, […] Read more »

BEST Remedy for Allergy Season

I used to live with allergies. A lot. Sometimes they defined me. I had the sort of reactions that went from a little itchy-eyed nose run with discomfort to a full blown version of Niagra Falls for days on end. Dust, pollen, perfume, candles, mold, mildew, even the cats I love would send me into […] Read more »