The Five Tibetans

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Called the “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth”, my initial meeting with the Five Tibetans was in California in the early 80’s in the strangest of ways.  

As the story goes, years ago, after enduring an arduous journey, a seeker of the famed “fountain of youth” wound up in a monastery in Tibet.  There he stayed participating in the lifestyle of the monks – which included five “rites.”  After a time he came back to his modern world announcing “I have indeed found the Fountain of Youth!” Not a thing but rather a way of being, rejuvenation is found in the affect of the movements themselves.
Advised that I was called to “spread the word” by the teacher that found my whereabouts despite all odds and gave them to me, I began adding them to my teachings there and then.  I have found them to be a lifesaver at times, and always a welcome addition to the variety of physical and energetic disciplines in my life.
Original classes were taught to seniors (you had to be 65 to sign up) and all were successful in adapting and completing the movements.  Today I teach to all ages and conditions, and I know from my own experience that anyone and everyone truly does benefit.
You can use the guide below in addition to the books suggested to flesh out the material, and if you are available come visit me at one of my live events to participate in some mindbody fitness.

Yokibics® and The Five Tibetans

Movements for Energy Balancing and Restoring Health

Rite Number 1

Standing with your arms outstretched, palms facing downward, spin around in a clockwise direction while keeping your focus on a single point.  Spin 21x.
This is done for the express purpose of speeding up the energy vortexes of the body.

Rite Number 2

Lie flat on your back with your arms by your sides.  Bring your chin to your chest while lifting your legs to a vertical position.  Keep your knees straight and breathe rhythmically throughout.  Release to start position and work your way up to 21x.
Further stimulates the vortexes and strengthens abdominals.

Rite Number 3

Kneel on the floor with your trunk upright, and your hands against the back of thighs.  Exhale and drop your chin to your chest.  Inhale, and lifting your head arch back as far as you can go.  Repeat 21x.
Strengthens and liberates back and thighs.

Rite Number 4

Sit on the floor with legs outstretched, feet 4 inches apart, hands by your sides on the floor, palms down.  Keeping your torso upright, bring your chin to your chest.  Now keeping your arms straight and your hands and feet in place, bend your knees and raise the trunk of your body to a horizontal tabletop position.  Let your head sink back.  Breathe rhythmically as you ascend and descend 21x.
Opening for chest, heart, throat, hip flexors.

Rite Number 5

Begin by lying face down on the floor.  Support your body in a cobra-like sagging position with your straight arms supporting you, hands planted on the floor, toes curled under.  Gently move your head back as far as it will go.  Keeping your hands and feet in place, bend at the hip and bring your body into an inverted V position (dog facing down but remain on the toes).  Breathe rhythmically and repeat 21x.
Back release, arm and shoulder strength, and weight bearing advantages.  Maintain abdominal support throughout.


It is said that the Five Rites are helpful for stretching stiff muscles and joints and improving muscle tone.  Yet this is not their primary purpose.  The real benefit of the rites is to normalize the speed of the spinning vortexes or energy centers of the body.  The rites work hand in hand with each other, and each are equally important.  

If you could observe the seven vortexes of an aging person, you would notice the slowing speed of some, or all, of the centers.  They might each be spinning at different rates of speed and none would be working together in harmony.  The slower ones would be causing that part of the body to deteriorate, which the faster ones cause nervousness, anxiety and exhaustion.  It is the abnormal condition of the vortexes that causes abnormal health, deterioration and premature aging.
You can begin by practicing the rites 3x each daily for the first week.  Then, each week that follows increase the daily repetitions by 2 until you are performing each rite the full 21x.  In ten weeks time you will be performing the rites regularly and completely, with about 20 minutes needed until you are fit enough to complete them all in 10 minutes or so.
The Five Rites are for the express purpose of restoring health and youthful vitality to the body.  The other factors, which will dramatically affect your progress, are mental attitude and desire.

The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

Peter Kelder

The Five Tibetans

Christopher Kilham


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