What’s The Alternative?

I believe you are inherently strong and basically healthy.

Although I personally have a behavioral code of conduct for my own life, the Yokibics Process of Mentoring is principle centered rather than opinion driven. I am able assist you as a translator, a facilitator and a clarifier of what YOU have to say to yourself from your own place of truth.

If you have tried therapy but you feel tired of trying to “understand”…if you are on mood altering drugs for anxiety or depression and you want to get off – or if you are getting suggestions that you should be on mood altering drugs and you want to find another way, then Spiritual Warrior Mentoring may be a path for you.

This information already exists inside your cellular being, though it is often unavailable to your conscious mind. In the coaching process you will be guided and informed to unify all of your bodymindspirit communications, bringing clarity, health and peace to the process.

Your commitment to the process requires an initial introduction and clarification session. We will spend time formulating a strategy and personal approach based on your desires. Your health history and our contract for service will also be reviewed.

Mentoring involves coaching followed by support, and is facilitated as a process. A minimum of three-months in a program of weekly coaching appointments follows your initial intake appointment. In addition, our coaching manual and monthly support materials will be sent to you as needed.

This is the fast track to success in lieu of years of therapy that seeks to understand why you are the way you/they are rather than create a spiritual perspective as the driving force of your new present moment creations.

The Life Skills presented will build in specific ways on the foundation you create, and will bridge an intriguing dialog with your mind, body and spirit that will gently deepen and fully integrate as part of your very being with practice.

Once complete with the basics, additional mentoring is an option by mutual consent whenever you want it, and all the programs and products that Yokibics continues to offer are available for your support.

My promises to you are the following:

I will be as honest and unbiased a translator as I can be for you. As I have promised the wisdom that moves through me that I would not edit or dilute it, neither will I hold it back.

We will work with a structured format through the use of a manual I have created for you, but the alchemy occurs within the coaching process itself as your insights and knowledge of your own energy system become clear.

I will give you the most complete translation of your psycho-emotional body, language switches and symptomatic processes as I can, and I will make it as simple to understand as possible. Your tools will be accessible.

Nothing I say here will sound new! It will undoubtedly be framed differently, or brought forward to a central position in your psyche, or honored in a new and different way, but truth is truth, and always recognizable.  You will know you are on the right path.

Sessions are offered via telephone and skype. Contact me at gael@yokibics.com

It is my privilege to help you find your core truth and live in blessing.



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