Calling all Hundredth Monkeys!

Do you know of anyone who has a clear vision for the future that really works? We all know what is dissolving – ecomonically, structurally and relationaly – the question is what can we replace it all with?

This is what it can look like. Foster Gamble of Proctor and Gamble uses his inheritance and elite education consciously to the maximum good.

I watched the documentary THRIVE with some friends here in my living room.  It was a stimulating evening to everyone’s benefit.  You can find the documentary online at and have your own Thrive party.

“Consciousness is not a substitute for activism” says Gamble.

We need an accurate accessment of the reality what is happening in the purposeful agenda ruling our economy that lacks integrity.  With peaceful non-aggression we can move forward.

Watch this interview to find out why.



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